Sep 2, 2014

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Choosing Outdoor Furniture: What Is Teak and Why Should You Choose It?

The weather in Australia is mostly sunny. Statistics show that Adelaide, South Australia had an average of 224 total days with sun every year. With such good weather, it would be a shame not to enjoy some time outdoors. Homeowners in Australia typically love spending time on their patios sipping lemonade or a beer. Choosing the right type of outdoor furniture can make a huge difference on that overall experience. If you are looking to invest in outdoor furniture, here’s why you should take a look at the teak options that are available.

What Is Teak Wood?

Teak is a tropical species and a hardwood. Teak wood is harvested in south and southeast Asia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma and also cultivated in the Caribbean and Africa with Burma accounting for nearly 1/3 of the world’s total teak production

Teak features a yellowish brown hue and has been known to have good grain and texture. Teak contains silica, and has been crowned as one of the most effective materials for both indoor and outdoor furniture construction. Teak has high oil content in comparison to other wood species, and its tight grain makes it extremely suitable for outdoor furniture applications as the grain improves overall durability. Over time, the yellowish brown hue of Teak can mature into a beautiful silvery-grey finish, especially when it has been exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time. If you dislike this silvery-grey finish, you can treat Teak or apply a glazed finish over top. 

Why Should You Choose Teak for Your Outdoor Furniture?

Teak outdoor furniture is quite popular on the market due to the numerous benefits that Teak can offer. If you are still sitting on the fence regarding whether Teak is a suitable option, you should compare these distinct benefits that Teak has with other types of wood:

  • high weather resistance. Due to the tight grains that are found in Teak, Teak outdoor furniture can last a long time even when exposed to harsh elemental conditions. In fact, Teak can last a lifetime.
  • increased durability due to the presence of silica. Teak is so strong that it has been known to be able to cause severe blunting on edged tools.
  • high tensile strength that will allow it to provide the support needed.
  • resistant to termites and many other insects. A common problem that homeowners face with outdoor furniture is that insects can easily bore into the wood. Teak outdoor furniture will not face these problems at all.
  • high oil and rubber content, which makes it naturally weatherproof. The natural oils that are exuded from Teak will also act as a natural sealant.
  • low maintenance. Teak outdoor furniture requires little to minimal maintenance. It does not require any preservatives or paint. Outdoor furniture made from Teak is also easy to clean. Simply wiping the surfaces of the furniture with a cloth will be sufficient. To get stains out, you should use baking soda mixed with warm water.
  • environmentally-friendly option. Teak is a fast growing tree, so it can be quickly harvested. It is also a more environmentally-friendly option in comparison to plastic and other types of materials. 
  • cost efficient. Surprisingly, despite all of the benefits that Teak can offer, it is not that expensive. When you look at how long Teak outdoor furniture lasts and how easy it is to maintain, Teak is definitely a worthwhile option to consider. 

Teak outdoor furniture comes in many different styles and designs. You will be sure to find something that suits your taste. 


Teak is a beautiful wood to work with, and it has been crowned as perhaps one of the best type of wood for outdoor furniture. You should highly consider investing in Teak as it will not only last you a lifetime, but its hues and colours will only get more attractive with age. 

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