How to Choose Stylish Area Rugs

If you find that a spot in your home is lacking style or colour, you may want to pick out a vibrant area rug to help tie in the colours and patterns of your living room, dining room or bedroom.

Finding the Right Area

Finding the perfect area rug will depend entirely on your personal style and the current theme of the room you want to decorate. Choose a rug that complements that contrasting colours and patterns that are on the wall, on your pillows or the lamps in the room. Make sure that the area rug isn’t too big or too small, otherwise it won’t really have a positive style affect in the space.


Dining Room: If you’re picking out an area rug for your dining room, you’ll want to make sure that the rug itself is larger than the perimeter of the table and chairs. Also be sure that the material won’t be hard to clean if food or drinks spill onto it.

Sitting Area/Living Room: An area rug meant for a room that gets a lot of traffic will need to be sturdy as well as pretty. Sitting rooms normally don’t get the most traffic in a home, and so it might be safer to for you to get a lighter and more delicate area rug. But a living room does get a lot more foot traffic from children, guests and animals. Any area rug there should be darker and have stronger material so that you don’t notice the dirt on it as much.

Bedroom: Since you probably walk around barefoot the most in your bedroom, opt for an area rug that is both stylish and soft. You don’t want to rub your feet over something wiry and harsh. Make sure the rug complements that current colour scheme in your bedroom, and that it’s easy to spot clean in case of spills.

Patterns, Colours and Shapes

When choosing an area rug, always consider whether you want one solid colour or a bold pattern. Most of the time area rugs are sought out for their contrasting patterns and colours. See if a vibrant pattern would complement the style of the room. Also, decide if you need a large rectangle, medium sized square or even circle shaped rug for the space. Ultimately the right rug for you will have a good combination of colour and shape.