Picking Decorative Pillows

If you want to add some style and small details to different areas in your home, you might want to consider adding decorative pillows to your couch, bed and even lawn chairs.

Style and Colour

Decorative pillows come in hundreds of different styles, sizes, colours and patterns. Running out of options for stylish pillows is almost impossible. If you want to add more decoration and style to an area in your home consider adding pops of pillow colour and patterns. Choose from rectangular, square and circular shapes of pillows and place them on your couches, floor or bed for some instant luxury and style.

Living Room and Sitting Area

Whether you use your living room as a formal sitting area or a casual place for people to relax, decorative pillows can really help to make the room look more styled and make it feel more put together. If your living room or sitting area is already decorated with really light, neutral colours, you’ll want to add bright hued pillows for small pops of colour to your couches.

If the room is decorated in darker colours, you may want to pick out lighter pillows to contrast the dark hues. You can also pick out patterned pillows with contrasting fabrics. Pair dark purples and blues with silver and gold sequinned pillows. Add bright orange and pink fabrics with bold patterns to a room with darker paint colours on the walls.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary and should reflect a feeling of serenity and calm so that you can relax inside it. Whether your bedroom is decorated in lighter or darker colours, it’s best to make sure it’s styled and uniform so to help promote peaceful energy without the stress and tension that clutter and mismatching can bring. Add decorative pillows to your bed or to a sitting area in your room. Small touches of style will create cohesion and make you happy to spend time in your bedroom.

Outdoor Pillows

You can even put pillows outside on your lawn and picnic chairs. Pillows meant for the outdoors typically come in materials that are easier to clean and wash. They withstand the elements also. Don’t neglect the style in your backyard.